100% is Easy, 99% is Hard

Success is far more likely when you are fully committed!

It doesn’t matter if it is about passing a certification, running, writing a book, or anything else.

Here is quick video of me after a have just completed running 20+ miles a week for 140 weeks in a row. Why? Because my health matters.

When something matters, whether it is professional, personal, or something else, 100%, being committed, makes a difference!

If you are doing 99% percent it is easy to slip to 98%, 97%, 80%, and much much lower!

Constant effect, even though progress may not always seem 100% upwards, is easy with some commitment.

Not trivial, but much easier than 99%!

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October 19, 2022

Are Entrepreneurs Risk Takers?

Are Entrepreneurs​ risk takers? The answer may surprise you!The answer, no surprise, is “It Depends.”

A great many entrepreneurs are rick adverse, and know exactly how much risk their ventures entail – and everything has risk, including having corporate job and going to the supermarket.

Some entrepreneurs are willing to accept a large amount of risk, and although there are exceptions, generally know that they are.

October 19, 2022

Is Consulting More Risky than having a “Job” ?

Is consulting risky – specifically is it more risky than having a full time job?

The conventional wisdom says “yes” – and is absolutely wrong! Maybe it was “once upon a time but it isn’t now.”

If you have a job and lose it, you are unemployed – it’s binary: “job” or “no job.” And unfortunately people lose their jobs, especially during difficult times.

Consultants typically have multiple clients. If you lose a client, you still have others. Typical consultants have 3-6 clients per year. If one client doesn’t have any work for you, perhaps they “fire” you, go out of business, or are having a difficult time, you still have work from other clients.