Making information and the internet work

Ted Demopoulos and Associates have been consulting in the security arena for nearly three decades, since before the term "hacker" and the Internet came into popular use, since before most companies owned any computers.

Our Client List Includes:

There are no typical consulting assignments! Every client's needs are different.

It is important to realize that every project is different !

Even though two project's descriptions may be similar or even identical, the projects will almost certainly be very different. Similarly, two very different sounding projects may have much in common.  It is impossible to determine if Demopoulos Associates is the right choice for a particular project without dialogue.

The cookie cutter approach simply doesn't work. Throwing lots of junior staff (at senior staff rates) at projects doesn't work either. What does work is carefully determining goals as well as strategies to reach them, and working together jointly to achieve them.

Experience includes:

  • Developing custom training and education classes and programs.
  • Designing and implementing surveys and technical assessments to uncover critical information about customers or internal personnel.
  • Conducting security product evaluations.
  • Architecting secure enterprise applications.
  • Helping develop and refine security solution marketing materials and messages.
  • Writing and updating Security Policy.
  • Implementing Public Key Infrastructure solutions (PKI).

Projects Include:

  • Designing a system for secure data aggregation over the Internet that is now operational and used in over one hundred countries.
  • Providing Cisco Systems with new metrics and data-driven recommendations to improve the performance of Sales Engineers and Management, through Demopoulos Associates' proprietary survey assessment of employee security knowledge.
  • Helping design and implement Digital Certificates for general purpose banking for JETCO, a consortium of Asian Banks.
  • Updating the security and directory infrastructure of Motorola's Inventory Management System with zero downtime.
  • Providing project management and expert technical resources for a distributed auditing system for T. Rowe Price. Managed geographically dispersed groups. Delivered on time and on budget.
  • Creating and running a Security Test Lab for the Hong Kong Post Office. Designed test protocols and ran vendor's products through the paces. Made specific recommendations based on the results.

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