Getting Started in Infosec Consulting: a beginners and beyond guide


Becoming a successful infosec consultant may seem like a dream: high pay, freedom, and fascinating work. These can all be absolutely true for you, they are for a great many of us already, and this book covers time tested techniques so you can achieve them too.In this book Ted Demopoulos covers what those considering consulting need to know, including how to get clients, how to set pricing, and much more.Whether you aspire to consulting full time, you want to keep your job and consult on the side, or you want to be ready for when that great consulting opportunity arises, we cover what you need you need to know, the basics—and beyond …Based on Demopoulos’ over 30 years of consulting and interviews with dozens of other successful infosec consultants, topics include:

  • What do you need to get started?
  • Eleven ways to acquire clients
  • Pricing, proposals, and negotiations
  • Smoothing out the stereotypical “Feast and Famine Cycle” of consulting
  • Making it work long term: living the dream for decades

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